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ABC Action is an advanced advocacy tool that enables users to become a vital part of the ABC grassroots advocacy efforts and further the merit shop philosophy.

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Legislative & Advocacy Committee
Meets @ ABC Keystone
Fourth Tuesday of each month, 7:30 am
Chair: Bill E. Greenawalt Jr.,
The Glatfelter Agency
Staff Liaison: Brent Sailhamer

Legislative Grassroots

Every major social movement in this country began with grassroots coordination and often they were very effective. ABC Keystone formed the Legislative Grassroots Department in early 2016. This component of our chapter creates the one-on-one relationship between our membership and the Pennsylvania State Legislature. It also is designed to continue to educate all members on the issues that the merit shop faces throughout the Commonwealth, as well as increase advocacy among the greater membership.

Our chapter has an Advocacy Coordinator dedicated specifically to this cause. The Advocacy Coordinator works with the Legislative & Advocacy (L&A) Committee to prioritize our Chapter’s legislative goals and assists the Director of Government Affairs in all ways possible to get pro-ABC bills signed into law. Over the last year these efforts have been instrumental in helping anti-union bullying legislation pass, making tremendous strides in fixing the issues of the Apprenticeship & Training Act, and encouraging support of the new Independent Expenditure Fund.

The Advocacy Coordinator also helps to create a stronger voice in Harrisburg for our ABC Pennsylvania chapters by organizing the annual Free Enterprise Day. Free Enterprise Day is vitally important to the political life of our association because it is the biggest event we have that gets our members face-to-face with legislators.

One of the key tools used by the L&A Committee to promote Free Enterprise is Job Creators Network (JCN). JCN is an organization that offers tremendous educational material that can be distributed among member companies. Visit JCN’s website to learn more.

With your time and efforts, together we can continue to give our organization an even louder voice in Harrisburg politics. Please contact Brent Sailhamer, Director of Government Affairs, to start getting involved. Getting into politics will keep you in business!