"Imagine my surprise when I contacted Julianne Chester about using my Apprenticeship Trust Fund monies to help pay for this and found that my entire bill for the current apprentices is able to be paid. I even have some left over funds to use towards hiring another apprentice or two. The Trust Fund is certainly worth the small amount of time each week to see that funds are properly reported and paid into the fund."

- Bonnie Hersh, Office Manager, CV Services, Inc.

"For those contractors truly interested in maintaining a sustainable education effort, the Trust Fund is a perfect tool to make that possible."

- Ed Gordon, Wohlsen Construction Company

Apprenticeship Training Trust

$ave on Training through Planning
  • Pre-fund training events
  • Reduce/defer income taxes
  • Use portion of prevailing wage fringe benefits for future training
  • Enhance company training culture
For details contact Julianne Chester, CFO, at 717.653.8106 or julianne@abckeystone.org.

Click here to view the Apprenticeship Training Trust brochure for more information.

Ed Gordon, Executive VP/CFO, Wohlsen Construction Company
Ken Huber, President, T-A-H Construction, Inc.
Duane E. Moyer, Parnter, RKL LLP
Edward T. Nescot, COO, The Farfield Company
Ken Schwebel, CFO, The Witmer Group
Christopher Smith, VP of Operations, Benchmark Construction Company, Inc.