Benefits of Hosting a Spotlight Seminar:   

“This was an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with business owners.”

- John Schnibben, U Financial

“Presenting the seminar allowed me to meet some great business owners who are very interested in the services I provide.”

- Don Feldman, Keystone Business Transitions

“ABC Keystone did an outstanding job promoting our presentation and helping us make this event a success.”

- Karen Young, HR Resolutions

Spotlight Seminar

ATTN:   Supplier and Industry Professional Members

Generate More Business by
Sponsoring a Spotlight Seminar

Sponsor 90 - 120 minute seminars at your place of business – or at ABC Keystone.

Focus on New and Innovative Technology or a current/relevant topic that will spark interest.

ABC will advertise and promote your seminar or workshop.

  • Gain qualified leads.
  • Showcase new products or technology.
  • Position your company as a solution to business and construction industry challenges.

Download a flyer for details and sign up to sponsor a Spotlight Seminar today!

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“We signed several new accounts as a result of this seminar and we are still following up with the leads that were generated by this event.”

- Gale McLean, Contractor Benefits Group

“This opportunity gave us a venue to speak to a relevant audience. We don’t have to worry about bothering the audience with something they don’t care about because they attend due to an interest in what you have to say.”

- Wayne Hummer, ELA Technologies

“Spotlight Seminars give an opportunity to talk with a wide range of interesting people, especially people looking to improve how they do business.”

- Tom Malesic, EZSolution

“We received a good response from contractors following the seminar. We have written 6 new retirement plans within 3 weeks. We have spoken to over 20 contractors in that time and expect to write significantly more business.”

- Karen de Montigny, Fringe Benefit Group